Whether it be for classes, workshops, rehearsals, or private presentations, Studio Mariko Tanabe is an ideal space for rental: calm, simple, and pared to the essentials. Bright and spacious, our studio can serve as the open canvas for your creative projects and intimate presentations, or as a peaceful oasis for working and teaching sessions.

The studio is located on 5445 Rue de Gaspé at Studio 609A (follow the green arrows) on the 6th floor. It is soundproofed, equipped with a beautiful sprung maple dance floor (put link to dimensions page somewhere around here…), and has large windows with views on east Montréal. The studio is easily wheelchair accessible due to on-ramps and elevators. It has a sound system with auxiliary cords and a CD player at your disposal. You will also find blankets, swiss balls, foldable chairs, and yoga blocks and mats.

Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. You can check studio availabilities here:
Studio Availability

Please send your reservation request to You will reserve a reply promptly.

The calendar is includes our programming and teaching events.


On-site equipment:

Studio capacity is 12 people per class, 3-4 people per rehearsal, 16 people per public presentation (adjustable depending on need)

We require you to inform us of number of participants and activities involved in your engagement


Rental Rates

For rehearsals and creative/research labs:

Studio Mariko Tanabe is run by a Non-Profit organization and does not charge taxes.

For classes, workshops, and immersions:



Juliette Pottier Plaziat

Security guards are on-duty on the ground floor, 24/7. They are available at (514)317-6451.